A Little WIP Valentine Teaser

I am still holding a lot of secrets about my WIP closely to my chest but I thought for Valentines I would reveal a little somethun somethun...

Meet Xander 

He is my gorgeous male protagonist whom I hope you will all fall in 
love with.  Now, I love a bad boy just as much as every other gal in the world but boy do I love a guy you can totally trust.  
Xander is that guy!

Here he is again

Derek Theler, Xander ;)

Here is a little, unedited, tease with Xander and my MC Skye...

“Thank you for helping me,” she finally replied and then almost as an afterthought she lifted her eyes and added, “but why?”
“Why?,”  I shrugged, “Oh, you mean why did I help you?” 
She nodded. 
“Well it was cold out and you were shaking and wet and well I …”  I stammered not sure how to explain away what, to her, seemed like a random act of kindness.
“Okay, how do you know me?”
Clearing my throat I considered the best thing to say, “I really can’t answer that right now.”
“OOOkkkaaayyy, well why do you seem familiar to me then?,” she asked frustration building in her voice. 
I tried to hold my emotions in but her saying that I seemed familiar brought warmth to my chest that had been missing since I was nine.
“Skye, there are many things that you need to know but I don’t know if you are ready to hear them.  I know this will seem like the craziest thing ever but will you put some trust in me without answers for right now?”
“What is your name?,” she asked quietly. 
I was impressed with her composure.  I had a feeling most people in her situation would have told me off but she didn’t.  Not yet anyway.  She had been through so much in her life, so much more than she even knows.  Yet she’s sitting here calmly so I answer her questions; all the while knowing that my answers may be the bomb that makes her finally crumble. 
“My name is Xander,” I tell her watching her face carefully. 
After a long moment of staring at me she finally shrugs, “Xander?  That’s cool, with a Z?” 
“No, an X.” 
“Okay Xander with an X, I’m intrigued.  I haven’t had much of a reason to trust anyone for a long time but I’m choosing to trust you.”  She says and then almost as an afterthought she adds, “please don’t make me regret this.”
“Never,” I whisper back.

So, what do you think?  Do you agree that Xander is WAY gorgeous??
 I can't wait to unload more teasers on ya'll!

Until next time, keep on reading <3