2013 Debut Author- Sarah Ashley Jones- Day In The Life...

As a writer I have a process for how I go about my writing.  Basically it involves lots of snacks, music and yelling. I will detail my crazy process for you eventually but for now I have something even more special...

I sat down and asked other 2013 debut authors to do guest posts for me on how their process has been. I basically gave them free will to write anything that described a bit about becoming a published author.

Today I have

Sarah Ashley Jones 
Author of Promise Me This a New Adult Romance
Coming Summer 2013

When Michele asked me to write a Day in the Life posts, I’ll admit, I was super pumped about it. I don’t live a particularly interesting life, but I try and have as much fun as possible with what I was given to work with. So here’s a little taste of what it’s like to be me and how I get down and write! It is a little different around my house now since my husband has been gone for a year. I think when he comes home he won’t know what hit him having a wife who is now a crazy author! Well here it goes.

On most days, I hate waking up. Actually, every day I hate waking up. It’s because of this I set my alarm twenty-five minutes early so that I can hit snooze twice, and if I’m lucky, I’ll actually really only hit it twice and be up and ready to go on time. At some point during the rush to get ready, I have to wrangle my four 40-90lb dogs through the house and let them outside to do their business.

After I’m done making myself as presentable as possible, the dogs go into their kennels and I’m on my way to work! I’m the opening person at a paint your own pottery and woodcraft studio, so I get in, turn on all the lights, throw my paint splatter apron on and get to work! I might be bias, but I have the best day job ever. My creative brain never stops and getting to work in an art studio is like the icing on my cake.

After a few hours of helping people sling paint on things, I head home. I may or may not stop at Taco Bell for some bean and cheese (with only beans and cheese) burritos. It’s a weakness. Deal with it. Also this is where daily errands would normally be inserted. Once I get home, I’m greeted by those crazy four-legged boogers of mine again. If it’s nice we will play outside for a little bit before I have to be a grown-up and do lame grown-up chores around the house (apparently someone lied to me when they said being a grown up was better).

Now comes the fun part. I write. I’m pretty busy during the day so I tend to write into the wee hours of the night, which I’ve found out is pretty common when I’m tweeting at 2AM and other authors and friends are tweeting me back. At least I’m not alone! I don’t have any particular writing rituals, but this is what I do.

I get a running start and jump into my giant fluffy bed and roll around in it a few times before I prop all my pillows up around me and snuggle under the blanket. Then I turn my little personal heater on that sits next to me on the nightstand because I am perpetually cold and it’s freezing as I write this. I then grab my computer and sit up against my headboard, criss-cross-applesauce, and stare at the blank screen for a few minutes. I may be the only one who does this, but I always end up doing it and I don’t know why.

To set the mood a little bit, I go into my Spotify and find the perfect song for the scene I’m going to write. Then I set it on repeat. I will listen to the same song over and over until I’m satisfied with the scene. This could take upwards of twelve hours. Yes, that’s a true story that happened a month ago with me. I’ll tell you this: It was worth it!

I tend to get really caught up in my story. My characters suck me in. I may go into a scene with an outcome in mind and then someone has to go rouge and completely change the direction of it. These guys have a mind of their own I tell you! I laugh, I cry, and I get mad with them – sometimes at them! And I always act out the dialogue out loud. This is partly because if I didn’t do it, all my characters would end up speaking just like me, which doesn’t work out very well. I make the facial expressions I see them making as they go through a scene. Pretty much if a hacker got into my webcam they would probably think I was nuts the way I look when I’m writing.

The best way I can explain my writing is that I have a movie in my head and I’m just typing out the screenplay for people to read. I see everything that happens to them in vivid details and I just hope that my readers feel and see what I did when I wrote it. I live to write and enjoy getting sucked into the stories that I have in my head.

When I started writing, I had one single scene in my head and that was it. That scene is now my first chapter and has evolved into my debut novel, Promise Me This. In the short amount of time I’ve been writing I’ve grown so much and I cherish everybody who has helped me along the way. There has been many late nights and early mornings, story planning sessions over dinner, times where I have to stop driving and write down an idea that pops into my head, and even a few tears shed along the way. But I know I wouldn’t do anything differently because at the end of the day, if even one person reads and enjoys the stories I have in my heart, my mission is accomplished!

I hope you all will look out for my debut book, Promise Me This, a New Adult Romance that will be out this summer! I’ve included a little teaser to enjoy while you wait. This is a glimpse into Jhett’s mind as he thinks about Charlie, the main character he just can’t shake out of his mind.

We stayed like that for a while, watching the movie together in silence. When she mentioned starting to live her life for her, I wanted to tell her just how badly I wanted that for her, too. It was an odd feeling to care so much for a person you just met. I couldn’t tell if it was just the regret I felt about Cameron, the responsibility I felt for his accident, or the fact that she was the only girl who seemed worth my time since I’d been in San Diego. She was stubborn and untrusting as hell, a change of pace from the girls who basically threw themselves at me, although I never complained before.

And there you go!  Anyone else want to hack into Sarah's webcam and watch her 
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