Tuesday Tease - Never Let You Fall

One of my BETA readers requested that I share this scene with ya'll this week
so this one is for you Cristina!

Never Let You Fall
A Young Adult Fantasy Romance
Spring 2013

Here is a scene from Skye's POV...

“Everything good in here?” he questioned, and I instantly noted the tightness in his voice. 

Something was wrong - I could feel it at once - and my voice trembled as I walked over to him, trying not to alert Janelle. 

“Yeah, I just packed up.”  I smiled, and my eyes searched his face, “You ready to go?” 

Xander grabbed the duffel bag and quickly slipped it over my head, and then he leaned down to whisper in my ear; all the while pretending to adjust the strap from pulling my hair.

“Something is lurking around here.  Do as I say, okay?”

Oh my my!