Tuesday Tease

Well who wants a little tease??

Here is a little scene from the very fine Xander

Never Let You Fall
A Young Adult Fantasy Romance
Spring 2013

She stared into my eyes as she spoke once more, “Are you safe?” 

I couldn’t pretend that I didn’t know what she was asking, as I looked into those eyes and saw the tears stream down her pale face.  Her voice was shaky, and the small hand that held the hair back from her face was trembling. 

Although I could tell she was standing a bit straighter, I was still supporting most of her weight.  Sighing, I resigned myself to the trouble I was about to get myself into. 

“Yes, Skye.” I leaned down, holding her eyes with my own. “I promise you, I am safe.” 

She gasped as she heard my answer, and to my astonishment, immediately broke into loud sobs as she crumpled into my chest.  I sank down to the tile floor and held her close to my chest as she cried. 

The steaming hot water of the shower as it pulsed down on us washed her tears down the drain, along with the last of my resolve to stay away from her.

For extra fun, here is the song I played over and over for several scenes in this book including this one...

Like most people I WANT to know what you think!!  Does this make you swoon like it does me? Intriguing? You hate it?  
Tell me about it...