Tuesday Tease

Wow! It's Tuesday again!!  I guess that means I get to share a little tease with you all!

Never Let You Fall
A Young Adult Fantasy Romance
Spring 2013
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Here is a scene between Skye and Xander told from Xander's POV...

“Coincidence, right?” 

“What’s a coincidence?” I asked, not following her line of thinking. 

She huffed at me, “That I knew you were here.  It’s a coincidence.  I mean, of course you would follow me, right?  I ran out of the room in a fit!   What are you, a boy scout?”

She laughed, “Am I your next badge?  The ‘Save Skye Martin from herself’ badge?” she finished in a disgusted voice, as she came to stand in front of me. 

I watched the myriad of expressions roll across her face: worry, confusion, fear - they were all there, as she stood toe-to-toe with me. When I didn’t answer her fast enough, she turned to walk away. 

“Hey, Skye,” I called after her.  “I’m not a boy scout.” 

She turned, but kept on walking; shrugging her shoulders. “Yeah, so?”

       I took a deep breath, and then I let her in on one of the many secrets I had....