25 Things about me...

Just for Fun
25 Random things about me...

1. I was an ice skater as a kid (even shared the ice with Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding)
2. I have a red belt in Tae Kwon Do (means I'm 6 months from Black)
3. I hate driving on bridges over water
4. I love chick flicks
5. Hot chocolate is FABulous!
6. ALL chocolate is FABulous!
7. I rarely miss church on Sunday
8. I love working with high school students- they keep me young ;)
9. My hair is so thick it takes me 1.5 hrs if I want to blow dry and straighten it
10. Mexican food is a weekly event at my house
11. I love to re-read good books
12. I am known to yell at the TV louder than my hubby when my Bama boys are playing
13. I'm a huge sports fan and if you can get me to sit still I will gladly watch most anything
14. I like a good Tom Collins but am not a big drinker
15. I love hanging out camping with friends
16. Music = happiness
17. I could shop till I drop everyday (if the hubby wouldn't kill me!)
18. Married my high school love in Oct. 1995 (!?!)
19. I still tend to jump into bed quickly if I'm home alone at night (there are monsters under there!)
20. I name my dogs after Disney characters (Ariel, Jasmine, Phineas-current dog)
21. ...or after awesome football coaches (Bear) aka Paul 'Bear" Bryant. Roll Tide!
22. Moved from Maine to Alabama in 7th grade.  Talk about culture shock!
23. I'm very competitive- wanna play a game?
24. My kiddos, while they drive me crazy, are my life
25. I'm so incredibly blessed!

This leads up to my Tuesday Tease post for tomorrow...
I'm doing a character profile on my MC Skye as this weeks Tuesday Tease.
Come back and check out some random facts about Skye and see some pics and songs that I used 
to help motivate me while I was writing!

Share some of your randomness with me below!! I'd love to hear about you :)