April is Amy Month ~ Incendiary Giveaway

Ok ya'll last week of Amy and The Premonition Series

Crazy right?!?

First - Last weeks winner of Indebted is

Michelina Di Campo

I'll be shooting you an email soon Michelina!

Here's the deal..I've told you all about how much I love The Premonition Series this month.  I've posted a review in words, a review in pictures and then more eye candy pictures.  This week is book 4 - Incendiary!

Instead of reviewing Incendiary I got together with some other Premonition Series lovers I know to tell you some of the reasons we love this series.  This is one last reminder (or plea) as to why you should discover the absolute brilliance of Amy A. Bartol and The Premonition Series!

Oh, Amy Bartol how we love you (and TPS), let me count the ways...

1)  Boys!!  Regardless of whether you like them good, bad or really really bad (but good *wink*)  Amy introduces us to a gaggle of gorgeous, awesome men.  You could make a book boyfriend out of a number of these guys.  Thank you Amy for the eye candy that is TPS boys!

2) It's in the details!  Amy has created a world that is so amazing you can help but wonder if it could be real!  Beautiful locales and exquisite character details abound in TPS.

3) Love and despair!  The moments of bliss as well as horror are amazingly well done in TPS.  Let us swoon:

     “I miss the outline of your body pressed to mine and the feel of your breath on my neck when you sleep. I miss the sound of your voice. I need you. I have to go soon, but I will be back for you. I promise you. Then, I will show you that there is still beauty in the world -- not a future full of despair. I promise you, I will.” 


4) I should mention the TPS girls here.  Evie and company are relate-able, tough, fun and thick as thieves with each other.  I LOVE reading a book where the girls are the glue that holds people together.


5) Action!  This is so no lovey dovey romance book!  While you get plenty of lovin' these books are packed full of action and fighting and fighting and action!

Last but certainly not least you have to love TPS because of all of the angel wings!  I'm sure you're saying "What??"  Here is the deal, if you know me at all you know that I LOVE angel wings.  LOVE them!  So this post would not be complete without an awesome montage to angel wings...

If you've read The Premonition Series let me know what you like best about the series below in the comments.  This week is my last giveaway so enter now to win the e-book of Incendiary!

Thanks for letting me gush all over Amy and TPG this month! I've had a ton of fun going back over my favorite books.  Don't forget that my debut, Never Let You Fall, is being release May 1, so check it out on Goodreads for me.

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