Never Let You Fall Tuesday Tease- Picked by YOU!

This weeks Tuesday Tease was picked by YOU, my fans and followers on Facebook
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Here is what I did:

I've decided to have a little fun with posting my Tuesday Tease this week. I'm getting YOUR help! Pick a number between 5-230 and then another between 1-10. I will post the choices with who picked them tomorrow here and on the blog! GO!!

AND here is what you chose:

*Some of you get little blurbs because you picked some very important or telling scenes and I just couldn't give it all away now could I???

Picked by @LizCLong - Conversation between Skye and Xander

“What’s up?” Skye inquired as she removed an apple from her bag and took a loud bite.

I watched as a dribble of juice rolled down her chin. She raised her long sleeve and wiped it up, joking, “I guess these huge things come in handy after all!”

      “Yes, built in napkins."

Picked by Rachel Walter on FB - this is Skye

I rested in the water and allowed the jasmine-scented oil that Emeline had added to calm my nerves.  Something continued to elude me as I lay there, and I tried to remember what I had dreamt about while I was passed out.  

When the water finally turned cool, Emeline pulled me out and helped me dress in a simple blue dress.  She offered to help me into the other room, but I only wanted to sleep.  Sitting beside me on the bed, she brushed and played with my hair.  The soothing feeling of being pampered allowed me to close my eyes.

Picked by Tamara Beard on FB - Skye POV

Oh thank the lord!  I exhaled the breath I’d been holding and wrapped my arms around Xander’s waist; squeezing him tight.  He patted my hand for a moment and then pulled out of my arms and told me to stay quiet.

After a tense moment, glowing torchlight filled the area and illuminated the hole.  Selene, with another light orb, showed up with a man at her side.

Picked by Dana Dienno - Skye POV 

Rioden stayed standing by the door, while Xander pulled the hotel chair up to the side of the bed.  He plopped himself down on it with ease, stretching his long legs before him. 
“We have a problem that I think we need to discuss with Skye,” Xander explained to Rioden.
I wondered what he was talking about.  What problem?  Was that his secret?  I noted the way Rioden stiffened as Xander continued; his large hands curled into fists so tight his knuckles turned white. 
“Last night I was at the same party as Skye and we had some crashers show up.” 
He had emphasized the ‘crashers’ part and then raised his eyebrows, and I noticed that Rioden became even more alert at the mention.  Most people would probably never have even noticed their subtle tells, but as someone who had spent years of her life living with cheats and liars, I was quite adept at reading body language. 

Picked by Quintana Hart on FB - Xander POV

I had been knocked out, and didn’t wake up for two days.  The first thing I’d done when I awoke was to ask about Skye. I’d had nearly gone crazy with grief when Rioden said that he hadn’t found her.

Debbie Jensen on FB - Skye POV

“Are we about ready to go?”

“Yes.  We’ve packed some food, and I put together some travel packs for us.  I’m ready when you two are.”

Xander looked at me for an okay and I couldn’t help but hesitate.  Clearing my throat, I looked around the cabin and glanced out the windows and across the forest.  My mind made up, I stepped towards the front door and called over my shoulder.

“I need a moment.” 

Xander called after me, his voice full of questions and concern, but I rushed out of the cabin.

The gravel crunched under my feet as I stepped around the side of the cabin and took in the landscape before me.  Trying to get some distance from the cabin, I started to slide down the hillside in front of me.  The trees in this area had lost most of their fall foliage already.  The ground was covered with red, orange and yellow leaves.  

Deanna Welshons on FB - Skye POV

I had worked my hand back inside Xander’s shirt again, and I could feel his heart rate speed up.  Anger?

Jennifer Gattuso on FB - Skye POV and Xander

He’d kicked off his shoes but was still otherwise fully dressed and on top of the covers.  I watched as he blew out the candle.  Without speaking, he situated himself on the bed; causing it to shake.  I wanted to shift closer to him but couldn’t find the energy to move.  Just as my eyes were drifting closed again, I felt his hand slide over my body.  He found my hand and covered it with his own.  
The strength of his silent touch ushered me into a deep, dreamless sleep.

After this week I only have TWO Tuesday's left until release!! Eeeepppp!
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