Indie-Licious Blog Hop- Teases

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 Weekly Blog Hop

Happy weekend friends!  So I'm trying something new this week.  I belong to a group 
of amazing Indie authors and supporters called Indie-Licious!  Each week they do a Blog hop 
with teasers or other themes.  The posts are done every Sat Night/Sunday.

So this week I am joining in..Here is a sneak peek at the sequel to Never Let You Fall...
*This is an unedited scene that may or may not end up in the final project!

“Skye! Skye? Where are you?” Xander yelled as he searched for me frantically. The fear in his eyes tore through my soul as I watched him scream for me. Then a flash of bright light and I saw him on a horse, several men surrounding him, racing after something and yelling. 
Was he coming for me?
Flash. To a vision of a village up in flames. Emeline runs out of a house screaming, blood streaming down her face as she collapses. 
Smoke and fire obscures my vision as I hear a voice.  "See what you’ve done? They will all die because of you. We ALL will.”

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