Sharing Cool Blogs & A Tease

Hey guys!  Sorry I've been MIA, again.  I spent the holiday weekend nursing a sick hubby and then
getting sick myself- woot, fun!  

Now this week  I have been feverishly trying to get stuff done for my 
Supa Dupa Mega Crazy One Week Blog Tour!!  
I thought over the next few days I would reveal who these lovely bloggers and authors are that will to be sharing my book each day during the tour, June 9th through the 16th.

Let's start with Sunday, June 9th:

Check out these awesome bloggers soon for some bookish fun and great recommendations.  
Also, don't forget to check back with them on June 9th for blog tour fun!
 (Hint- there will be a giveaway)

I will see you tomorrow with another list of fabulous blogs..until then I will leave you with a tiny tease from book two...

As the room began to glow with the mellow light from the newly lit candles I could see the wall across from me was covered in weapons. I covered a gasp with my hand.
“You’re not going to turn into Hannibal Lecter on me now are you,” I choked as I took in the swords, daggers and strange metal balls with sharp spikes.
His green eyes took one look at me and then the wall of death and his face actually paled.

**this is an unedited portion of a work in progress that may or may not end up in the final product

Happy Reading...