#2kDy Challenge for Writers

The #2kDy Challenge for Writers

Hey writers, want to join in on a little writing challenge? After attending UtopYA Con, Sarah Ashley Jones and I decided that we needed to get our write on! What better way to “force” us to do that (and stop screwing around on Facebook and Twitter) then to challenge ourselves to hit a daily word count target.

Now I don’t know about you but I actually *technically* had a target before UtopYA. Problem was I could kinda say “eh I’ll write tomorrow” and it didn’t really matter. SO, Michele and I came up with an idea.

The #2kDy Challenge! 

Sounds fun right? It even has a hashtag!


- You write your 2k a day- or more if you are totally awesome *we know you are!*
- Tweet your progress throughout the day or at days end with the #2kDy hashtag
- Share what you’re writing! This comes in the form of a weekly blog/FB post on Thursdays -sort of like a blog hop. (you will share the links of all of the authors participating in #2kDy at the end of your post so people will know to check us all out)

*We realize many ppl do Tuesday Teases but his is apart from that. You can share a snippet of your WIP or you can choose to update people weekly on what you’re working on in general. I would even suggest that this Thursday tease be very short compared to your typical Tuesday Tease.*

The object should be quite clear...

* You will be writing!
* We can all hold each other accountable to make sure we are writing!
* We can cheer for each other when we reach our goals!
* Our fans get to see a small snippet of the fruit of our labor!

See how easy this is?? What we would love to do is get authors to sign up (find link below) and then we will create a document/linky with links to everyone’s sites/ FB pages so fans can follow along.

Fans- Does this excite you??  We will have a central location where you can go and find all of the websites of participating authors and then you can click on their blogs, tumblrs, Facebook pages and see their little #2kDy updates and teases.  Awesome right??  Feel free to share this with your favorite authors in hopes that they will join is...authors are free to join or quit at any time :) 

Stay Tuned!!