The #2Kdy Challenge Tease

I'm sharing something SUPER cool today!

Yep, see ^^^^ that up there?

That is a new challenge Sarah Ashley Jones and I came up with after going to UtopYACon!
We are challenging other writing friends of ours to write 2K a day and then share their writing- or updates on their writing- with the world each Thursday on their blogs/FB!

FABULOUS right??

Go to to see the participating authors!  We have all their links on the page so that you can just check in there weekly instead of having to try and remember who is participating in the challenge.  We are hoping you will discover some new favorite authors along the way :)

The Challenge officially starts today so look for their updates on Twitter and/or FB throughout the week and check their blogs NEXT Thursday for a little snippet from their works in progress.

As we get things up and running we are hoping to utilize the blog as a place to share interviews and other fun stuff from the participating authors so stay tuned!!

Now, just for fun I've decided to start the #2Kdy share a week early.  Here is what I've been working on.  
**Totally unedited and possibly full of run-ons, wrong tenses and misspellings ;)

This is from my upcoming "Last Call"

“No way, not Riley,” Sara replied, shooting that plan down. “The only thing that will impress the Guthry family is a prep. As much as I hate to say it we are going to have to go old school for a her.”
“Like an old man,” Candace grimaced scrunching her face like she smelled something bad.
“No you halfwit! Old school- frat boy, old money. We need to find someone who can rival Daniel. We need a Jack or Bobby.”
“Wait a minute…,” I spat out.
“Jack or Bobby?”
“Yes, Kennedy,” Sara was clearly getting fed up with the questions, “a good ole boy. Like a Kennedy- without the womanizing and drinking habits of course.” She winked at me.
“Ohhh yes. Perfect. How do we do this then?”
“Wait a minute!” I yelped louder.
“No way Savannah, you are going to leave this up to us. We will come up with someone for you just give us a few days.”
Sweet baby Jesus I think my friends just became as bad as my mother!
“Sara, Candace,” I implored as they huddled next to each other. Candace had even picked up an empty notebook off the table to start making notes. “Seriously, I’m sure I can find someone from my classes. Scott Tipton maybe.”
“No!” They barked, “we’ve got this. You have finals next week to study for. Girlfriend we will have you a handsome future senator for a date by the time your classes are officially over.”
“That’s what I’m afraid of,” I mumbled but they weren’t listening. They were plotting my love life like a mathematician plots stats.