Tuesday Tease- NA Romance, Last Call

Last week I did a post introducing you to one of my current projects, Last Call, a New Adult Romantic Comedy.  Today I have a little tease for you...

Actually two teases!  See the banner above?  Those photos are from the cover shoot for Last Call.  I hope to be revealing the cover soon.

Tease number two is below...

“Did you just yell at me from across the bar sweetheart?”
The phrase sweetheart would normally get a rise out of me but coming from his mouth it only caused me to turn to goo.  Not good. This man has some secret kryptonite in that voice of his.
“Yes sweetheart I did,” I answered snottily, oozing with self importance. “What makes you think my dates are losers?”
“You can’t be serious, love.  Anyone could have placed a bet on the outcome of those dates.”
Oh my God! He was full of himself. I laughed off his remark and took a long swig of my drink trying to develop a witty comeback. Unfortunately, the busy crowd pulled him away before I could come up with anything worthy.

You can add Last Call to your TBR list on Goodreads HERE