#2Kdy Tease * Last Call

Here is a little tease from upcoming NA Title
Last Call
Expected Publication October 2013

The vibrations from my cell going off pulled my hazy senses back to reality.  I looked up and stared at Gage, from brain in a fog.  Grinning, he nodded to the phone sitting on the counter with my wallet.
“That’s your phone sweetheart.”
“Hmmm,” I muttered. The second wave of vibrations pulled me the rest of the way to reality. “Oh!” I gasped, shaking my head and feeling like an idiot.
Gage reached out and chucked my chin as he stepped away calling behind him, “I’ll be back in a while.”
Like a lovesick girl, I watch him walk away; admiring the way he his black jeans fit him like a glove.  The need to check for drool on my chin was overwhelming.

Sorry for being vague but you know...I can't give it all away yet ;)

Happy Reading friends!!

**Reminder that all teases are unedited and may or may not make it in the final product.