Never Let You Go- Tuesday Tease!

Only TWELVE more days till school starts!  While that in some
ways is torture (sorry kids) for me it is relief!
I can finally get back to writing peacefully each day while at home with only my 
fluffy pup to bother me and all the snacks I want!

My current WIPs 'Last Call' and 'Never Let You Go' will both get done 
a lot quicker in the following few weeks.

Today I share a small tease from Never Let You Go because last night I 
finally got to see the cover and I LOVE it!  I will be sharing it with you very very soon!

Today I bring you another tease from Never Let You Go...
(Never Let You Go is book 2 from The Prophecy of Tyalbrook Series)
This series is a Young Adult (or coming of age) Fantasy series

I watched as Nickoli’s jaw tightened and he looked back to where the Semvon had been watching us. He had disappeared.
“They are nothing but demonic servants. They do what they are told and Taber controls them. Skye…er, I’m sorry…Princess, I am telling you my father can’t be behind that. He has been searching for you for years. He would not have wanted you harmed.”
“What makes you so sure? Why does he want me here so badly? Does it not seem odd to you that he was looking so hard for me when my coming back effectively removes him from power. I am the true heir to the throne- am I not?”
My voice echoed off the bare stone walls as I raised it to argue my point. Not to be outdone Nickoli growled right back at me, “so that is it then. You admit now that you did not come back just to see Tyalbrook?”
“Don’t be dumb,” I hissed, walking off, “take me to my mothers room please.”
“Nickoli,” I begged. I turned around to try and convince him to see some of the truth that he was missing. “Don’t you see. I’m telling you that I was hunted down by people and demons that your father sent after me. They told me he was their master. I am trying to hear you and what you think. But, so far actions speak louder than words.”
“You called me dumb,” he replied a somewhat baffled expression crossing his features.
Stifling back a laugh I choked out, “yea I did.”
“That was not necessary.” He lifted his hand to rub the back of his neck as he caught up with me. The movement reminded me of Xander and how he would run his hand through his hair whenever he was exasperated. My hand fluttered to my chest for a moment as a phantom pain moved through it.

*as always, this is just an unedited snippet that may or may not change before final release.   Don't just my horrendous punctuation skills, that's why I have an editor! :)