Tuesday Tease - Last Call #NA

Happy Tuesday friends!  I have a little tease from 
my upcoming New Adult Romance

Last Call will have a little bit of everything in it, romance, comedy and even 
a dash of thrills.  I hope you will check it out later this year (October).

“Hey sweet thing, can I buy you a drink?”
I push Jax from my mind, deciding to enjoy the evening with my friends. “Actually, I’m here to see John. I hear he is a hot catch and would be willing to pose for some drawings.”
Not missing a beat, Gage leans in close and for a moment my mind races with the thought that he is about to kiss me. However, when our lips are so close that our breath mingles in the air between us he drawls out softly, “is it going to be a nude portrait sweetheart, because I’m willing to sacrifice myself for your art if need be?” A twitch of pure desire jolts through my abdomen as Gage turns and walks to the door.
“Shall we?” He teases opening the door with a glint in his eyes.
“You play dirty,” I grumble as I walk past him to return to the bar.