Last Call - Sneak Peek at the First Paragraphs

I'm horrible at Tuesday Teases!  Mainly because I can't ever remember when it's Tuesday :(
So, today I will give you a little sneak peek at The first few paragraphs of "Last Call"
This is a New Adult Romantic Comedy with a dash of Suspense
(YA fans be warned- this one is meant for 17+ due do mature content.)

Friday- April 12
The Invitation

It all started with a 6x9-inch cream envelope and some swirling calligraphy.
I stepped into the small house I shared with my two roommates to find the offending envelope propped up against a glass vase on our dining table. Next to the envelope was a bright yellow sticky note with my roommate Sara’s chicken scratch:
Wine is chilling and dinner is on us <3
Indication #1 that this envelope was bad news.
Indication #2? The three missed calls and voice mails from my mother sitting on my phone. She never called me during my school hours and yet today she tried, and failed, to reach me three times. When she didn’t catch me by voice she finally sent a quick text:

Mom: Darling, call me on your way home. Everything is fine here. I have wonderful news from Mary Anne to share.

My mother never texts me. Typically, she considers texting beneath her. This text was warning sign.
Indication #3 was the name Mary Anne.
Then finally, as I walked towards the envelope that was so beautifully addressed to Ms. Savannah R. Guthry, and flipped it over, I found indication #4. The proudly displayed return address along the back of the sealed envelope. It was a dead giveaway as to whom this event was for. As if I hadn’t connected the dots already.

What do you think?  I'm terribly excited to release this one!  It is currently with my editor 
and we hope to release it to the world around around mid October!

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