October Fun

Oh. My. Word. Tomorrow starts OCTOBER!
Wow, can you believe how fast thisyear has flown??

October is shaping up to be a BUSY BUSY month for me.  Not only do I need to finish 'Never Let You Go' but I am releasing 'Last Call' on the 21st!

In celebration of 'Last Call' I am planning on doing TWENTY days of Teases! Woot! That's right, 20 days straight of little insights and teases to wet your whistle for this fabulous story.

In addition, I am undertaking a project brought to me by the fabulous, Starla Huchton.(Check her out here!)
Check out this video...seriously, it's great!
Click THIS link if video isn't working!

I hope you actually watched it so that you understand what I'm going to do next.
I am going to attempt to write one post a day this month on someone I am totally, extremely thankful for.
These posts may be funny, tender, stupid and down right crazy depending on the person.

I think it is imperative you tell the people who shape you in life how grateful you are for them.
EVEN the ones who might have played a hand in the bad moments.  Yes, all of the moments count and make us who we are.

**By the way if you have a blog, or even a Facebook page, feel free to join us in the Attitude of gratitude month! Post back to Starla's site linked above each day so we can all share in your happiness :)

Stayed tuned as this blog starts hopping in October!!