Tuesday Tease - Last Call

If you've read the blurb then you know Last Call
is full of boys.  Today I'm sharing a small tidbit about 
Spencer Alexander...

Coming October 21, 2013!!

It so happened that the guy was Spencer Alexander. Spencer had been my savior five months earlier when he’d stepped up as a favor to my parents and escorted me to my debutante ball. He was three years older than me and handsome as homemade sin. He stepped up again that night and became my savior for a second time. He danced with me, escorted me around the room, and made sure I spoke with all of the “important people” as my mother had requested. Most importantly, he laughed and teased me to distraction.

AND in case you like to visualize your book men, this is Megan's, my BETA reader, vision of Spencer.

Really, who am I to disagree with that? ;)

Happy reading friends!