Attitude of Gratitude - #1

If you missed my post here is the Gratitude Video


Today's letter is to my husband of 18 years (our anniversary is the 7th!) Jonathan.
I figured I would start easy ;) Obviously there are many reasons I am grateful for this man in my life.
He made me a wife, a mother, a lover, a best friend in the truest word.  He has put up with me through good and BAD for over 21 years.  We've grown up together, literally.

However, the number one thing he did is show me love when I didn't feel like I was loved. My teenage 
years were not the best in the world and I met Jonathan at a time when I needed someone to love me 
unconditionally.  He did.  He, and his family, taught me so much as a lonely 16 year old.
I was made to feel a part of a large loving family from day one.  
Jonathan Miller changed my life forever and for that I will forever be grateful to him!

Look how cute (AND YOUNG!) we are :)