Last Call - 20 Days of TEASE #16

Here's the deal...Plain and simple  
21 days till release = 20 Days of TEASE for you!

Last Call
A New Adult Romantic Comedy/Suspense
Release Date: 10/21/13

How about a little Brian today?

I sent a smile of thanks his way as Brian placed his hand on the small of my back to lead me upstairs to dinner. Brian was the quintessential poster boy for Brooks Brothers; neatly trimmed dirty blond hair, not too long but not too short, with a nose that was straight and thin and a touch pink today. A slight tan line could be seen over the bridge of his nose.
"Have you been playing golf lately?"
He smirked, "How’d you guess?" He rubbed his tan lines and laughed as he asked.
"My dad has made it very clear to me that the best deals - business or political - are made on the golf course."
"He's right," Brian agreed, and we walked up the stairs to Watson's.