Last Call - 20 Days of TEASE #19

Here's the deal...Plain and simple  
21 days till release = 20 Days of TEASE for you!

Last Call
A New Adult Romantic Comedy/Suspense
Release Date: 10/21/13

Last two days! Today you can meet Gage, the sexy bartender 

This is  my Gage muse...

I allowed my eyes to flick over to the other bartender, who was finally free of his harem, and caught him checking me out.
He was wiping up the bar in front of him but his eyes were fixed on me, and I quickly pulled my gaze away; feeling a blush creeping up my face.

Holy wow. The thought raced through my head at the stolen glimpse Iā€™d gotten of Mr. Sexy. Obviously this was the new hot bartender the girls were talking about the other night.