Last Call ~ 20 Days of TEASE #3

Here's the deal...Plain and simple  
21 days till release = 20 Days of TEASE for you!

Last Call
A New Adult Romantic Comedy/Suspense
Release Date: 10/21/13
First, let me share my updated cover with y'all...
Isn't it pretty? I love the black, white and red SO much!

Now let me share Daniel Livingston, III

I cursed myself for the weakness the tears were revealing. What was wrong with me? I didn’t miss Daniel, not really. That was when a light knock sounded on my door. Without waiting for permission, Daniel stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. His clean white polo stretched tautly across his thick chest. His normally floppy blond curls were meticulously combed to the side. He was the epitome of a J. Crew model, with his seersucker pinstripe pants and his Sperrys. Country club 101.

Beta Megan "BB's" pick

Sarah Ashley Jones - Daniel choices