A little update on Never Let You Go...

It's November! Yep, November. 
I know what that means...summer has passed, September passed, October? PASSED!
Yet, still no sight of Never Let You Go!!

Here's the deal - I'm working on it. Really, I am!
At some point during the summer Xander decided to go AWOL...seriously AWOL.
He didn't feel like talking to me AT ALL. Obviously readers weren't the only ones mad at my little cliffy ;)

So, while he was taking a siesta this new guy, Gage, came along and pretty much demanded I write his story.
Yep, I promise book boys are like that.
I played around with Gage and ended up with Last Call, my New Adult book I released on October 19th.

While working on Last Call Xander reemerged, did a bit of talking and then ran away again. He is finicky. 
Skye wasn't being much better to me. They were talking but not enough to fill in some crucial plot issues.
You see, I want this story to be perfect and so I have stressed over it and fussed with it until I feel like it lives up to what I believe you all deserve.

Because of this the bad news is - at this point with the holiday season upon us it is more than likely that 
Never Let You Go will not be out until January 2014.

Is this what you're thinking??? 

I HOPE not because I am really excited about where NLYG is going and can't wait
for you all to read it, even if it is a little late.

Just know how much I appreciate ALL of your support. I could slap a book together and release it but that's just not me. I want it to be the story it should be and sometimes that means taking a little bit of extra time.

I will keep throwing unedited teases at you guys on my Facebook page and Twitter (I hashtag them as #NLYG) so please keep up with those pages over the next two months. 

OH! I'm closing in on 1,000 Facebook likes so stay tuned for a giveaway there too!

Some recent teases you may have missed...
He raised his arm as I leapt down, the dagger in his hand slashing through the air catching me in the side. If not for my swift reflexes the blade would have lodged into my gut and I would be writhing in pain on the ground. As it was the gash hurts like hell, causing my anger to boil over. #NLYG #Xander

The smack of our heads echoed in the room and my hand flew to press against my forehead. I winced, tears automatically flooding my eyes. Laughter burst through my pain as I lay there. It hurt like a mother, but I couldn’t keep myself from finding the humor in our clumsy training techniques.
“That’s not the way it was supposed to happen,” he grunted, a crooked smile tugged at his lips. The seriousness of his tone brought on more laughter. #NLYG #NewguyAKANickoli

“Emeline!” I ran towards her, still hearing Skye’s calls for help in the background. “Emeline, where is she? What’s happening?” I shouted falling to my knees, frantically pulling her into my lap.
Emeline’s eyes were pitch black and transfixed as she spoke. “See what you’ve done? They will all die because of you. We ALL will.” 
Snapping back, I dropped her body as she turned to smoke before my eyes. All around me the red flames morphed into black swirling smoke. The thick air and decaying scent began to close my throat and I covered my mouth. My hands pushed off the ground, fear at what was happening coursed through my veins as I tried to stand. Halfway to my feet, something heavy struck my back, pitching me forward and knocking me to the blood covered ground. #NLYG #Xander