Surprise Tease ~ Never Let You Go

Surprise Tease!

I felt compelled to throw a tease up tonight..maybe it's all this cold weather that made me feel like pulling this up ;)

Never Let You Go, Prophecy of Tyalbrook Series, Book Two

This scene is from Nickoli's POV 

I stood along the wall walk and watched Skye standing out in the snow, her pale blue dress and wrap spread out behind her the train splotchy from water marks. I left her be for a long time, until my own body was starting to freeze from remaining stagnant in the cold temperature, before I finally decided to venture out after her.
She stood, her shoulder resting against a thick tree, staring deep into the forest to her left. Her tiny hands were fingering the dagger Xander had given to her, her mouth turned under. I could tell she seemed far away. So far away in fact, she didn’t notice my arrival until I was upon her.
Her head jerked my way at the crack of a hidden branch beneath my boot. She promptly stood straight when she spotted me, a warm, albeit small, smile crossing her features. Her head tilted away from me but not before I saw the mournful glaze.
She tried to hide her dagger into the folds of her long velvet cloak so I pretended not to notice it. Instead I bent to pick up a handful of snow, shaping it into a small ball, to give Skye time to get her emotions in check.
“Am I needed inside?” She asked. Her voice cheerless. She sounded so hopeless, it was like a knife to my own heart. I knew she was in pain and yet, I was clueless on how to help her.
“No,” I answered, tossing the compact snowball up and catching it. “I thought you could use some company,” I prevaricated.
We stood ten feet apart, her face averted from mine, the snowball in my hand slowly melting as I waited for her to speak again.
When I finally gave up hope that she was going to speak again she surprised me. “It’s beautiful out here.”
“Yes, it is.” I agreed, staring at her instead of our surroundings.
Her large eyes peeked out from the hair waving in front of her face. They focused on my face and then flitted to the melting ball of snow I held in my now frozen fingers.
A meager grin spanned her face as she turned my way, at last. “Your snowball is melting.” She observed. Slowly, she bent down and plucked a pile of snow from the ground with one hand. The other deftly maneuvered her dagger into the sheath she wore in her braided belt.
“You know, you should never let your snowball melt,” she said.
Confused, I asked why.
“Because obviously a man is only as good as his weapon,” she replied, her smile widening to a devilish grin.
Captivated by the grin and the jaunty twinkle in her eyes, the meaning of her words were lost on me until it was too late.
The cold, wet, icy ball she had formed hit my neck and chin and a peal of laughter rang out through the trees as Skye yelped and dodged behind a tree.

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