Tuesday Tease - Never Let You Go AND a new WIP

Happy Tuesday! I have TWO teases today!! 
First a small tease I shared late last night on FB for 
Never Let You Go, Prophecy of Tyalbrook Series, Book Two

Don' forget you can get Book One, Never Let You Fall is only $0.99 on Amazon & B&N 

Next a little tease from one of my many works in progress!
This is from my unnamed young adult, paranormal, thriller...

I felt like an adventurer, I’d never been much of an outdoors type of girl, unless you count the beach, hiking through the woods was certainly not in my bag of tricks. However, the more I’d walked today the more peaceful I’d found it. I’d been able to let my mind wonder, to think of home, of Dad, the life I was about to begin now. Two years Meg, I reminded myself as I walked. Two years in this little New England town then I go resume my plans for my life. I could do this.
A shot of pride slide through me as I looked up to see flat ground ahead of me. I’d made it up a mountain! Okay, so maybe not a mountain, but one hell of a steep hill. I pushed myself the last few feet and fell to the ground gulping in deep breaths of air. Beads of sweat tickled my forehead even as another gust of wind swept over me causing goose bumps. My eyes opened after a few minutes, taking in the clearing I’d come to, the peak-a-boo sun bathed me with its light and I squinted turning my head to keep from going blind and there was the building to go with the rusty roof I’d seen.