Tuesday Tease - Never Let You Go ~ Welcome Nickoli

Including today I have four Tuesdays left until release day!!
So, today I will give you more from a "new" character you met briefly in Never Let You Fall
Welcome Nickoli.....

*FYI, this is Skye and Nickoli

“I’m sorry for barging in on you like this.”
“Milady, do not concern yourself with apologies. What can I do for you?”
“I…I have come to ask a favor. I need to leave for Montibello. Now.”
He opened his mouth to speak, then abruptly shut it while he looked away. Placing his hands on his hips, he looked back at me. “Now? Where is your guard, Princess?”
I swallowed hard and tried to remain as vague as possible. “I am here, soldier. You said the King wanted to see me, and I am asking for your protection and help in getting to him.”
An unknown emotion flickered across his handsome face. “I can awaken my soldiers at once, and we can gather supplies to leave within the hour,” he stated, and started to pull the door open again.
“No,” I countered, half expecting his soldiers to barge in at hearing my raised voice. My hand reached out and grabbed his arm, and his green eyes shot to mine with a look of astonishment. “I must ask for it to be you alone who accompanies me. We must make haste.”
My hand fell from his arm as he dropped his from the door knob. His voice was tense, yet it maintained its original sweetness as he asked, “Will we be followed, Princess?”
“I imagine we will be, at some point.”
“Your vagueness intrigues me, Your Highness. I will take you to Montibello myself, however, I need to bring one soldier to help watch our backs. Is that acceptable to you?”
“Yes, he is my…or I mean to say, the King’s strongest soldier. McClintock would not be happy to know you were traveling without any protection.”
“If my Guardians catch up with us, I want you to assure me you would not raise a hand against them. Either of you.”
His green eyes smiled at me; the color so electric they practically glowed in the dim candlelight. He seemed to be contemplating my condition so I added, “I do not wish for any blood to be shed on my behalf, soldier. I’m here and I’m willing to meet with the King, but I’m not willing to start a war. Can you promise me Smith, and you yourself, would stand down?”
“If we leave now we won’t have anything to worry about, Princess.”
“I will not leave with you without a promise, soldier.”
“Yes, my name is Nickoli.”
Beautiful name, I thought, and he grinned. Shoot, did I say that out loud?
You are beautiful.” He smiled, reminding me of his compliment in the meadow.
“And you are bold, Nickoli. I believe I told you already you forget yourself,” I admonished with a raised brow. He tipped his head in acquiescence and I continued, “You promise then? There will be no trouble between my men and yours?”
“Yes milady,” he said with a smirk. “I promise no harm will come to your men, unless we are forced to retaliate. I promise to keep you safe, as well. You can trust me.”

“That last part is up for debate, Nickoli. However, I am placing my life in your hands, so I will just have to hope for the best.”