Tuesday Tease - Never Let You Go

Alright friends, only 9 days left until Never Let You Go makes it debut!!

Never Let You Go, Prophecy of Tyalbrook Series, Book Two

Thought I would share a little more from one of the new characters, Amandalyn.
Amandalyn is actually named for someone very dear to me - her name is Amanda V. 

I had the honor of helping mentor her, through church youth group, for the last three years of high school. I love her dearly and am sooooo proud of her. She's in her first year of college at UNC-Chapel Hill and is just one of the most fabulous girls ever. 
She owns her own pony, Reno, and truly inspired my Amandalyn.

Here we are on an urban city mission trip last April in Times Square.

We broke into a fit of girly giggles, which drew the glances of many in the bailey. The somber faces of the young women across the way as they worked in a garden brought me back to my senses. Laughter seemed out of place there, and I knew I certainly shouldn’t have been enjoying myself so immensely.
Evidently noting my change in mood, Manda changed the subject. “Why are you here?” Her face was instantly wiped clean of the laughter from just moments before.
“Why am I here?” I echoed; raising my brows quizzically and retreating a step. I wasn’t sure what she was referring to, or why she’d suddenly turned so cold.
“At Montibello,” she stated pointedly. “Nick assured me you came willingly, but you have a motive, do you not?” She leaned against the stone wall next to me and twisted her long, dark hair around a finger as she waited for an answer.

A moment of weakness came over me and I felt something within me awaken. I wanted to shout the truth at her. I wanted to tell her what I suspected and about why I was there. I wanted to ask her for answers to the questions pounding my head every time I closed my eyes. Yet even while I thought it, my brain yelled at me to be logical. This girl practically called McClintock her father. She no doubt owed her life to him, and as much as I wanted to trust her, I knew she most likely wouldn’t take kindly to anything damning I would say.

You'll get one more sneak peek next Tuesday. Any requests??