Want a little Gage for V-day?? Last Call #2 Tease

Happy LOVE day!
I have a treat for you today. A little snippet from book two 
in the Last Call series. This is a special scene I wrote just for you and
Valentine's Day....

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***Warning - This is from BOOK TWO in the Last Call series. It is the MALE MC POV, so if you haven't read Last Call and don't want to know who Savannah ends up with you might want to avoid this scene!***

**I've kept this post pretty appropriate for any younger eyes..book two will NOT be appropriate for those under 17 though. Let's just say my boy is a lot dirtier than Savannah's POV**

*unedited and may change slightly - so be nice ;)

“Wow! What’s the occasion?”
I laughed at her shock, “just another day with my girl.”
“Awww,” she cooed playfully as she dropped my hand and took in the room. “If this is for nothing I can’t wait to see what you pull out for special occasions, like Valentine’s day.”
I know I made a face of disgust because she laughed and teased, “not a fan of Valentine’s?”
“Eh, not particularly.”
“So I guess I know not to expect something special then.”
I fought the urge to pull her back into my arms as I spoke, “baby, if I have to do something special on Valentine’s Day then I’m not doing something right the other 363 days.”
She pressed her hand to her heart with a grin. “Don’t worry, you’re doing everything right.” She acknowledged with a small bit of awe as she came across the chocolate fondue set-up. Her eyes flitted around the room, and I could see the freaked out expression they held. It was obvious she was looking for something, her gaze roaming the table. I even noticed her glance go to my pocket. Ah, hell. I knew what she was expecting out of such a grand gesture.
“Sav, before you tire those pretty brown eyes out searching for a surprise that isn’t coming let me let you off the hook.
I’m not proposing. We both know it’s too soon for that. This is just something special because I love you.”
Hers eyes looked mildly disappointed, and suddenly I became nervous that I’d blown the night with my explanation, “Sav?”
“Oh, no you’re so right…I think I’d pass out if you were to ask me to marry you right now. I mean, I still have school and we’ve only been together for a few months and we don’t know what the future holds...” She trailed off, her mouth screwing to the side all bunched up like she does when she’s trying to shrug something off.
It was hot as hell, how confused she seemed about my intentions.
“I know exactly what the future holds for us, Sav.” I tugged on her arm and pulled her to stand in front of me. My fingers slipped to her hips, and I pressed her body to mine so she could feel exactly what was in our near future.
“Ohhhh really?” She purred with a sweet smile. Her hands weaved under my arms finding my own hips.
“That’s in the very near future, however, let me tell you the rest of it…”
“So you’re a fortune teller now, Mr. Aussie superman, hot shot bar owner.”
I couldn’t help chuckle as I placed a kiss on her nose. “When it comes to us, yes.”
“Alright, sir. Please tell me what my future holds.”
“Savannah Rose Guthry, I will ask you to marry me one day, and trust me when I say if you think this is grand just wait for that moment. Our being together is a foregone conclusion so you can stop your fretting about school or where we will end up living or how quickly this has all happened for us. The fact of the matter is I love you. I love you with a passion so deep I will never be able to quench it. You know when we first kissed I remember thinking to myself ‘welcome home’." Her bottom lip quivered as she listened to me. "I’ve since realized you aren’t home. You are my future. My home was a place I wanted to leave, Savy. I never want to leave you…you are my future, and I can’t wait to spend every day of the rest of my life with you.”
I’d watched her face carefully as I spoke every word. Hell, I was one sappy mate these days. It’s what having her in my life had done to me. A small smile played upon her lips as I finished, and her eyes had the same suspicious glitter to them they’d always got when she watched Hallmark commercials. The sheen where she would swear she wasn’t crying before she'd covertly turn her face and hastily wipe her face. She never fooled me, this girl was a sentimental sap and I’d be damned if she hadn’t turned me into one too.
She leaned forward and pressed a feather soft kiss to my lips, pushing back when I tried to deepen it so she could speak.
“I hope you didn’t have big plans for this evening?” Her voice was so serious, her face straight, I was taken aback for one second. “Your little speech there just melted my panties off, so I’m afraid we’re going to be taking a rain-check on any activities that don’t involve me tearing your clothes off this very moment.”
“I think I can live with that.” I admitted, sliding my hands to the hem of her short dress.
Sav met my eyes and whispered very seriously, “I love you, Gage.”
The air sucked out of my lungs as I stared at her big brown eyes and allowed this moment to sink in. I’d just promised this girl forever. I’d let her know I was going to marry her soon and she was all-in. I wanted to jump on the couch and tell the rest of the world to ‘stick it’ because this woman was going to be mine. Instead I pressed my forehead to hers, our lips touched and I smiled into her mouth, “I love you too, Savy. Forever.”