Tuesday Tease from Tyalbrook

Another Tuesday another Tease :)

I am slowly, underline slowly, working my way back into Tyalbrook and getting started with 
book number three. Let me explain...
I write when I feel the story. I truly can not make myself write, other than small pieces, at command.
This is why the first 50K of From The Wreckage was completed in about a month. It was a story that flew from my fingertips. 
The Prophecy stories have always been harder for me to write. They are more complex, with their multiple secrets, sub-plots and fight scenes. Since I want to be sure to give you the absolute best finish to this series that I can, I'm not rushing.

What does this mean?? No idea.
Actually, it means the story will be done this year but I'm not putting a date on it. My goal is summer. It was June but after speaking with my editor, I don't think that will happen. My hard finish date for her is May 1 to get it out by June, I don't think it's going to happen.

I'll keep plucking away and sharing updates and teases, like the one below, when I can...

The stairway to the dungeon was covered in mildew making each step on the steep, shallow stones treacherous in my full skirts and dainty slippers. I should have found some boots, I thought to myself as a shiver teased its way up my spine. The further I descended the cooler the moist underground air became until my arms were covered in goosebumps. An indiscernible sound caused me to pause, and my breath caught in my chest as I waited, listening to see if Iā€™d been followed.
Hearing nothing I continued; the lantern I held casting an eerie glow on the castle walls when I finally reached the bottom of the stairs. Following the directions I was given, I turned to the left and continued deeper into the dark corridor following the curved stone wall. As I rounded the corner a bricked wall, containing an old wooden door in the center, appeared at the end of the hall. With a few deep calming breaths, I moved to the door and gave myself a moment to rethink this plan. 

I truly hope that y'all are excited for whatever comes next and I can't wait to share more from #3 and From The Wreckage soon!

They're both on Goodreads now so add them to your TBRs!!