Tuesday Tease! From The Wreckage and Tyalbrook #3 Update

Happy Tuesday y'all!

Quick update - 
I'm plotting Prophecy of Tyalbrook #3 as we speak! I typically do not plot much, but there are so many things that need to go into this one, I feel it's a must.
That has led me to the realization that I am SOOOOO not ready to write it. Well write it, yes. Finish it, NO! I will be working on writing whenever I get the calling to do so, but please be patient with me. I want to finish up the trilogy in the best way possible - so that might mean a later release date. I'm shooting for June right now, but I honestly don't know if I will make that. Don't hate, okay??

In the meantime - 
I'm still working on From The Wreckage! I LOVE this story. It has been the one talking to me when I'm falling asleep, driving in my car or even when I'm taking a shower - I'm telling you, I have MAGIC shower water!

So check out this weeks unedited tease and keep an eye out for cover reveal info soon!!

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Tanya tapped her horn once as a group of guys walked in front of her car's path causing her to hit the brakes and all three girls to curse as they jerked to a sudden stop.
“Move, Tommy!” She shouted out the window flashing her lights at them.
Jules muttered under her breath as she reached down to recover her cell from where it had slid to the floorboard.
"You've got to be kidding me," hissed Tanya.
Jules peeked between the seats curiously and was greeted with a most comical sight. Tommy, ever the showboat, stopped in the beam of one her headlights and began dirty dancing. Tragically, his moves did not time well with the techno dance song currently blaring in Tanya’s car. Slowly he pulled his shirt up revealing some relatively nice abs as he teased back, “hey baby!”
A quick check of Tanya revealed a volcano full of anger about to explode and Jules sank down into her seat with laughter. Tommy Parker could push her buttons and right now was pushing away. He flicked his tongue out, licking over his lips and Katie joined Jules in her suppressed giggles. She could hear the appreciative whistles and comments being thrown out from others watching his show.
When Ruben joined Tommy in his spotlight dance Katie laughed harder, “they’re such idiots.”