A to Z Challenge - B is Brave

This month I've decided to jump in the A to Z Challenge boat! I've seen the idea of the A to Z Challenge floating around for a while now but  have never committed. When my bestie Sarah Ashley Jones jumped on board, I figured - why not?

So for the month of April (excluding Sundays) I will be posting one post a day (A to Z themed) 
focused on something inspirational. 
These will be short and sweet little posts to help brighten your day, I hope!

Hope you will keep checking back in to see what I come up with...

Today is B for Brave

<---- Ever feel like that? Everything looks smaller when you're sitting there thinking about how you should try it, right?

Let's be BRAVE people! Don't let the size of the task sway you from reaching your goals. When I decided to finally write a book I did so saying, "I'll just do a few words a day and I'll do it for me." It worked...three months later I had Never Let You Fall. Writing a 90K word book looked like a huge feat until I realized I needed to take it day by day.

Scariest thing ever for me? Letting those first few people read my first book, then my second and third. See, I was happy with what I'd written, I loved my stories. BUT, what if they didn't??

So MUCH truth in that ^^up^^ there! Sharing my books with some friends set me FREE. Sure some people love the books, some people don't. That's okay! I have self-published three books. and have realized a dream I've had since I was a 7th grader - writing my own version of Sweet Valley High during math class! (I ended up in summer school for that too)

However you want to interpret this quote go for it. ---->
I interpret as saying - don't try to run from your fears or hide them, but embrace them...conquer them and you will know exhilaration ;)