#AtoZChallenge E is for Endurance

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Endurance is usually something you hear associated with physical stamina, exercise. You must push through work hard, endure the pain to see the prize. Right? 
But, it's also something we have to have in order to reach our goals and make it through life and love happily.

- Susan Lucci was nominated some 19 times before finally winning her first Emmy
- JK Rowling was turned down 12 times before Harry Potter was picked up for publishing
- The Lord of the Flies? 20 rejections!
- Abraham Lincoln was demoted during war, failed as a businessman and lost many times as a political candidate before becoming President

Just some examples of people who failed and kept on going.

I think we an all agree failing at something sucks! I'm reminded of my failures several nights a week  when I cook dinner and it never turns out right ;)  - but I keep cooking (or trying to) and the things I do make well, are that much more appreciated!

My oldest son in a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. For the final test you had to do a two mile run, sparring, a 42 step form and a running jump side kick to break a board. That board kick was his nemesis...every class, every practice, for the roughly six months he was a recommended black belt he tried and failed. He was scared to death he wouldn't break it, especially in front of all of the people watching while testing.
So we practiced. We did  kicks at home, took extra lessons, stayed after class late and you know what? That day, when he broke the board, his face was priceless.  What a lesson he learned - victory comes from never giving up!

I use a great Winston Churchill quote in my next release....

And one last quote on endurance from someone who endured his fair share of pain and heartache. Going from Superman to became a quadriplegic after being thrown from a horse during an equestrian competition.

Persevere and endure! Never give up! Life does give us all lemons from time to time, but its that much sweeter when you take those lemons and you make that lemonade?