#AtoZChallenge - G is for GRACE

Are you familiar with Grace?
As a Christian, it is something that is essential to my life. "Saved by the grace of God" is a very common saying for us. My intention today is not to judge your beliefs, but to share mine. I hope you offer me some GRACE in sharing a little more about my faith than I typically do.

If you are not a Christian perhaps you are not as familiar with the word on its own.
A fabulous definition for ALL of  Grace 

Who here has a hard time with giving GRACE to those who don't deserve it? *raises hand*
However, how wonderful is life knowing that you don't carry the burden of someones past sins on your back...forgiving someone and giving them GRACE after they wrong you is SO much easier than living with the anger and pain. I know it's easier said then done, but for today - let's all try to practice a little more Grace!

And that right there by Lysa Terkeurst is exactly why we should practice GRACE. We ALL so desperately need it ourselves. Right?

My husband and I did a marriage class once and one of the greatest things I took away from that class had to do with this ------->
It was a reminder that when you are arguing with your spouse (or someone you love) you should remember they are not using their words out of hate or spite..that typically (I understand there are some people who are not this way) people we love don't do or say things because they are spiteful, but because they are hurt, alone, or maybe scared...
Offer those you love - those whom you know have a good heart, on most days - GRACE.

Now as I said, I'm a Christian so I have a few quotes I love about GRACE to share. I feel like no matter your beliefs these are wonderful messages...

 These two are BEAUTIFUL! I AM a flawed, imperfect person who has done many things I wish I could take back in my life. I am so very grateful I've been offered GRACE