#AtoZChallenge - H is for Humility (and Humble and Happy)

The A to Z Challenge is being brought to you by these peeps!

So I'm going to be HONEST and tell you that I have a HEADACHE today and didn't pre-plan this post so it's a quick one. I'm just sharing some nuggets full of the letter "H" today..enjoy!

Let's ALL remember to stay humble in our successes! If I ever get to big for myself you have permission to knock me right back down.

I can name many weaknesses of mine. I never profess to be perfect and I certainly know I have a lot of learn. I love people who are humble about their jobs, lives, social standings. We know a lot of people..I've been to the homes of my friends who are virtually homeless and we have friends who live in million dollar houses. I don't care. Your heart and soul is what I care for. Braggers be gone, I want humble friends.

So what makes you HAPPY?? Things that make life happy for me are my kids, my husband, watching sports, hiking with my family, car trip singing silly music at the top of our lungs, sweet tea, chocolate, writing stories and reading each night, even if only one page.