#AtoZChallenge - I is for Imagination

Have you ever spent time around a very young child? The way their minds think is amazing. They are born with the instinct to pretend, to IMAGINE things. You don't have to teach them how to play, they just do it. What a wonderful thing WE are all born with - the ability to create a reality in our brains.

I've spent years of my life daydreaming and using my IMAGINATION. I've used it to think up someplace better than where I am at the moment. I've used it to play games with my kids, to write stories, to dream up stories I've yet to write. I use my IMAGINATION every time I read a book or watch a movie - to immerse myself into that story.

My IMAGINATION is probably one of my bet qualities. It's an escape from when life becomes difficult and its also a compass I can follow to help make life a little bit more fun.

I hope you use your IMAGINATION daily. It knows no age limit.  

Think of all of the amazing books, movies, art, clothing, cars, houses, buildings...EVERY thing in this world that was once just a dream, a small thing someone created using their IMAGINATION.
I'm always reminded of Walt Disney when I think of IMAGINATION. The Disney empire all began because of Walt's IMAGINATION and the creation of one little mouse. Amazing.