#AtoZChallenge - J is for Joy

This past weekend my hubby and I went plant shopping. It's spring after all :) So we came home with 30 various plants to plant in 6 pots for our front yard and pine straw to spread in the beds. Oh, and weed killer to spray in the yard.

We then "forced" the teenager of the house, along with our younger two, and spent the day working in the yard. The teen happily spent three hours sawing branches, that fell in a wind storm, down to firewood size. The rest of us got our hands dirty. That night we brought out the fire pit, made a fire and roasted hot dogs and had s'mores.

It was a day of complete JOY!

What brings you JOY? So often we get bogged down in the tedious ins and outs of our busy days we forget to find JOY in our everyday lives.

For me I find joy in the little things...
- The way my daughter (about to be 8) gets into the car at carpool and always leans between the seats to kiss me hello.
- The way my nine year old son ALWAYS tells the teachers at carpool to 'have a great day' when they shut our car door.
- The sound of laughter coming from the kids when daddy tucks them in and always ends up tickling them. - - Having conversation with my teen about shows like The Walking Dead, Dr Who or Arrow and sharing movies with him now that he is older.
- Eating Popsicles on hot days by the pool.
- Laying in bed and reading a great book.
- Hiking in the woods.
- Quiet mornings, snuggling in bed with my hubby.
- The sound of rain.

I asked my some friends (Authors - Mindy Hayes, SA Huchton and Sarah Ashley Jones, along with blogger Megan at Paperbook Princess) to share some of the moments that bring them joy...

quiet moments, food, Alliteration, clever sentences, unexpected quips from the mouths of my children, words, little epiphanies that unfold into larger solutions (to plot and every day problems), writing and reading, music, singing, playing piano, uncontrolled laughter at jokes upon jokes, chick flicks, sister time, when I'm sleeping and one of the dogs is laying with their head on me, ice cream

I hope you are finding JOY in everyday moments <3