Tuesday Tease! Tyalbrook #3

Did you know Thursday, May 1st, is Skye and Xander's 1 year birthday!?!
Yep, One year ago I was stressing out right about now getting all the final details in place so I could press publish on my very first book!

Thursday I'm celebrating over on Facebook with a little party from 6-8 by doing some giveaways AND revealing the gorgeous cover and title of the third book in the series!! Stop by to check it out HERE

AND now for a little UNEDITED goodness coming up in #3...

  Xander pulled away at the interruption. Grabbing his shirt, he slipped it over his head as I rushed to my mother's side. Her eyes seemed frantic; her graceful hands balled at her sides, shaking as she stood before me. My heart dropped in terror of what could have happened to cause the haunted look on her pale face. Ushering her towards the table and chairs in the corner, I coaxed her to sit. She clutched my forearm in her trembling hand, her watery brown eyes beseeched me to answer her.
  “Manda, who is she?” She asked again.
  Xander and I exchange confused glances over her head as I tried to answer her question.
  “She is an orphaned girl McClintock took in when her mother died at a young age. Um, Nickoli said her mother was a servant here. A cook, I think?”
  “How old is she?”
  “Kerra? Has something happened something we should know?” Coming around the chair, Xander knelt before my mother, his voice soothing as he took her hand.
  “How old?”
  “She’ll be sixteen soon.”
  She jerked straight, as if I'd slapped her across the face. Her shoulders and chest rose slowly as she took a deep breath; her eyes closed as she asked, “what does she look like?”
  “I don’t understand -”
  Xander raised his free hand, interrupting me. His focus entirely on my mother now. “You don’t think?” He spoke softly, almost under his breath as his eyes locked with hers. It was as if they were sharing a silent conversation, as if I’d faded into the background.

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