Tuesday Tease - All That Remains

Happy Tuesday y'all! Have you seen the cover for All That Remains yet??

And all three together! I am so in love with these.

I wanted to let y'all know that I will not have All That Remains (ATR) up for pre-order most likely because I'm on a super tight schedule with getting it finished. So the plan is for it to go live on all platforms August 28th. If I change that and get pre-order set up you'll be the first to know!
For now you can add ATR to your TBR  HERE

Now enjoy a small ATR teaser! I've removed one sentence (marked) in order to keep some of the plot secret. #sorrynotsorry ;)
ATR is a little different then FTW and OOR. It is told from the dual prospective of Jules and West. YES! West gets to talk!!

West POV - 

“All right. Tell me the story. Why Jules Rutledge?”
Why, indeed! he ponders, sinking down into the chair and stretching his legs out. “I saw her standing there that night and I fell for her. It was instant. I was gone before I opened my mouth. I’d known her most of my life;.I’d watched her, knew she was with another guy even… but that night when she sat at that table and I looked up… it was over for me.”
“You fell for her before the tornado hit?”
“Yeah. In all honesty, I fell for her in the seventh grade. Maybe even before that. But when I kissed her that first time, I turned into a dumb pre-teen boy with a major hard-on and I had no idea what to do. Then my mom took a turn for the worse, and I dropped everything. Like we discussed.”
“And five years later you’re finally sitting across from the girl you fell for once and what?” She prods lightly.
Reminiscing the last year has been a favorite, and most hated, past time of his. So many things with Jules were perfect and worth the memories, and then there are the things he’d rather forget; (intentionally removing a sentence here for spoilers)
“And I gave her crap and fell in love.” He smiles.
“You saved her life.” Dr. Steel points out unnecessarily.
“And she saved mine.”

Don't forget FTW is still FREEE everywhere except B&N - we're trying to get that resolved!
OOR is available everywhere!