Tuesday Tease - Out of Ruins

This is it! My last Tuesday Tease for Out of Ruins
OOR will release Thursday (Eeeeppp!) for only 99¢ for the first 48 hours only!
Grab it at that price because it goes up to $2.99 and stays there after that! 
Good news is From The Wreckage is now FREE!

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I shared the FULL cover just Sunday night so here is that too, in case you missed it:

Now onto a tease....

“Love is a funny thing,” Jules confides; backing out of the past and opening up about the private musings of her heart.
“Sometimes it comes slowly, like the soft trickle of a wayward tear escaping unbidden from your eyes. The salty moisture trails across the tiny imperfections of your skin and makes its way down your cheek. It surprises you with its appearance, and then disappears as quietly as it came.
“Other times it comes at you fast, like a souped-up muscle car; all blaring engine, blazing-flames-painted-on-the-side kind of fast. It grabs you and takes you for a ride, making sure everyone around takes note. It steals your breath and leaves you in the dust.”

Her right hand fiddles with her left, her thumb rubs back and forth across her palm and her fingers absently twist an imaginary ring on her ring finger. “Love with West Rutledge was all fast, Mack truck intensity. It only took two weeks, and already I was hanging onto the grill like a splattered bug. It was inevitable. I couldn’t not fall in love with that boy.” 

AND A SNEAK PEEK at the 'All That Remains' cover...

Obviously it's all distorted because I'm a tease ;)

Also, as I said FTW is FREEEE!
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