#TuesdayTease All That Remains

I'm in the midst of finishing up 'All That Remains' so this will be short...
Get a glimpse at Austin Rutledge, the middle brother in the clan.

I shared this picture on Facebook recently:


“Do you give up?”
He laughs at her confusion, and she wants to say no but she’s clueless. “Obviously!”
“I’m an engineering major.” Her brows rise in surprise. “I’ve impressed you, I see.”
“I have to admit you have. That’s very impressive…for a dumb jock.”
A peanut shell smacks her in the forehead, and she howls as Austin breaks into laughter. Austin tells Jules about his classes as they eat. The more he talks, the more impressed she is. He isn’t just another dumb jock and though he certainly has the talent to make it in the NFL he confides in her that he is questioning the choice.
“Football is all I’ve ever known. My parents have shots of my naked butt laying across a pigskin from day one. I can show you a million and one pictures from childhood and the majority will be football. Playing the game, at a game, watching a game. I love it, don’t get me wrong, but I get a different feeling when I build something.”

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