#TuesdayTease All That Remains AND news briefing ;)

Happy Tuesday y'all!!
(I've been writing 'Texas' for too long!)

I've got a couple of things for you today so let's dig in.

First, see that Penned Con Nominee button in the top left corner?? Yep, that's right I'm a NOMINEE!!
Never Let You Go's cover is nominated for Best Fantasy Cover AND
Skye and Xander are nominated for Best Fantasy Couple!!
I'd love a vote :) You do have to vote for all the categories though so take a few minutes to check them out. There are a ton of amazing people nominated for things.

Second, I've been asked a few times if 'All That Remains' is the last book in the From The Wreckage series and I can now tell you NO, IT IS NOT.

Happy tears, right? So here's the dealio:

From The Wreckage, Out of Ruins and All That Remains are Jules and West's story.
Wreckage #4 AND #5 will be spin-off stories featuring characters and stories from the first three but I can't tell you who right now (it would be spoilerish).
The good part is Jules and West will be featured a lot in one of the spin-offs, if not both. You will get to see what's going on with their lives after All That Remains. YAY!!

The bit of bad news, if you see it that way, is these new books will have to wait until 2015. I have a commitment to finish out my fantasy series (Never Without You) and give my Last Call readers their second book (a steamier Gage POV!!) before I do anything else.

I have a feeling I will be writing multiple books at one time because I'm having a hard time shutting these characters down at night, let alone for three or four months!

I do want to make it clear that All That Remains will have an ending! It is NOT a cliffhanger. There may be loose ends pertaining to other story lines, but you will get a definite finish to Jules and West's story. For now ;) 

Now onto the TEASE!! or should I say TEASES

First, did everyone see the exclusive BOOK 3 tease I gave Consuming Worlds Blog for her Blogoversary??
If you're a Xander and Skye fan and missing Tyalbrook you can check it out HERE
It's the only place you'll see it AND its around 1,200 words!!

Now for All That Remains...and sorry for the vagueness in this passage but what can I say? I can't give things away ;)

Sitting on the edge, he explains himself, “Jeff and I came over at the same time. Katie said you’d just closed your eyes and she let me in. I figured I’d sneak up behind you and wake you but once I laid down beside you-” He shrugs, his cheeks turning pink. “I didn’t have the heart to bother you. You looked so peaceful. I should have left, but damn it was comfortable and you smell really good.”
She tries not to laugh, but his compliment makes her giggle. His answer is so endearing and completely understandable. She taps the bed and scoots over meaningfully.
“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” She offers once he’s laying beside her. He lays on his back his head turned towards her as she lays on her side facing him. She moves slightly, her head touching his shoulder, and wraps her arm around his and hugs it to her chest lightly.
“Let’s get a little more sleep and then we can have that breakfast you wanted, kay?” she asks, trying to ignore the plea in his voice when he said her name.
“I’m going to need you to make a decision. Soon. I can’t keep doing this.”
She closes her eyes, feeling ten kinds of horrible for not being able to give him an answer.
“I know. I’ll figure it out, I promise,” she offers and closes her eyes, praying she’ll be able to make good on that promise.

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