#TuesdayTease - All That Remains

Happy Tuesday!!
Sorry I was MIA last week, I was at Indie Book Fest in Orlando and then spent the week on a family vacation and tried to take a break from the book world. TRIED being the operative word here. 

We are NINE days out from All That Remains now! This is the where I start to get the shakes and freak out. I sent it back out to the editor this morning for one final look before publishing day and I'm nervous as heck. This putting books out there for the world to read, never gets easier.

A TEASE in honor of all the college kids starting school this week - 

When she’d agreed to go to ‘a party’ with Debbie and Lisa, she had no idea exactly who was throwing the party. As they drive off campus and into a nearby neighborhood filled with nearly identical houses all decorated with school colors and Greek letters, she starts to get the hint. They’re still three weeks from the official move-in day for fall semester, so she’s surprised there’s much going on on campus right now. 
But A&M isn’t Tyler, Texas. This isn’t backwoods bonfires and high school. Jules is about to get her first real taste of college life. 
It was an interesting sight, all of the tacky eighties gear and crazy drunk co-eds wandering around the small box house with the neatly trimmed yard. Entering the house, she reminds herself of the plan:
Follow all the rules about college parties you’ve learned from countless on-line articles, your friends back home, and even Mom and Dad.
Number One: Don’t drink anything you didn’t pour or watch be poured.
Number Two: Don’t put your cup down.
Number Three: Don’t leave said party with a boy drunk.
Number Four: Don’t leave said party with any boy. (That one was her parents.)
Debbie, Lisa and the other girls don’t seem to subscribe to her strict list and soon she finds herself deserted, nursing a warm beer from the keg and standing amongst a group of be-wigged glam-rock wannabes when someone calls her name over the din.

**It's an 80's themed party, if you didn't figure that out.

I'll have one last #TuesdayTease for you next week and then RELEASE!!

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