#TuesdayTease - All That Remains

TWO DAYS!! We are sooo close to release day now... 

*Spoilerish if you haven't read From The Wreckage and Out of Ruins*

Did you leave home after high school? Either to college or moving out on your own? Did you find that rite of passage so many find when you pass on from a student in your parent's home to an adult who owns their future? This tease is about that moment for Jules. Just a moment when it hits you - life has changed. 
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Here is a little more of that scene in the book...

“I’ll jump in and prove to you it’s totally safe and then you can give it a whirl. No worries. I’ll be there to save you if you need me,” he adds with a wink before tugging the rope from her fingers and flying out across the water. His body hits the water with a splash and a few people clap and laugh around the pond.
Jules leans forward, reaching for the swinging rope as it comes back to her. She steps back and brings it taut, taking a deep breath.
“Nothing to be afraid of, Jules. Just jump in!” Levi yells.
Jess’ voice joins in, “Jump!”
The moment feels larger than it is and Jules wants to laugh and cry as she stands there half-terrified of jumping and half-terrified of not. It mirrors her life right now. She laughs at the crazy thought; she has no idea why her heart feels so heavy and strange tonight. Taking a deep breath, she closes her eyes and wills herself to make the most of this situation. The reminder to live tickles the back of her mind. She said she would live for Tanya and now is her chance. Tanya would have jumped three times by now.
“Here goes nothing!” she tells herself as she launches her body into the air and then smacks the water feet first with a crisp swoosh.
As she floats under the chilly, yet refreshing, water her mind chooses that moment to picture the symbolism of a baptism. A rebirth for one’s soul and the moment strikes her. She’s started fresh, she’s worked things out with Austin, she’s making new friends, and she’s starting to get over the past. The sentiment is probably crazy, but it sticks in her mind anyway and the moment she comes up from air, Levi is waiting not five feet away.
“Ready to jump again, daredevil?” he asks, his southern drawl charming, as he wades the deep water.
It doesn’t take her more than a brief second to think before a large smile creeps across her face.


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