The one with the fan letter #FromTheWreckage

When I decided to make From The Wreckage FREE for everyone only a month after release I did so with a specific purpose. To share a story of hope with as many people as possible.

From The Wreckage tells the story of teens and how one act of mother nature changes their lives. I focus on Jules and West in the story, but I touch on the immediate aftermath for a small Texas town too. The conflict in this story is the storm, the loss and the hope for tomorrow. You can read From The Wreckage and get closure.
I then went on to write Out of Runs and All That Remains these books follow Jules,West and their friends as they move forward dealing with guilt, changes and then their futures as more conflict arises.

The story is very close to my heart. What I didn't expect was how close the story would be to yours. Over the past several months I've found extreme joy in reading reviews, emails and Facebook posts from readers who have been touched by this story. 

I wanted to share this one with you all -

Hi Michelle. I haven't ever written an author before, but I just finished the From the Wreckage series and was so moved I just had to tell you how much I loved it. 
I was attracted to the book on one of the free book lists because of the natural disaster aspect (although I do love love, and coming of age novels too!). My family rode out Hurricane Andrew (and an included tornado) in our house in South Miami when I was 14. Long story short, the house was unlivable after the storm. We spent 2 weeks at a friend's apartment and my parents sent me to live with people they knew but I had not previously met, to start at a new high school in a new county, not knowing a soul, until they were able to join me 2 months later. In Miami, I went to the same school with the same people for 9 years, had just made JV cheer at the high school, already had plans for my college of choice - and boom, everything changed overnight - it was like hitting restart on my life and it took a few years for me to find a new normal. 
Needless to say, I identified with Jules so much in this series! I am from wreckage too, I had to struggle to start anew, I have a wonderful love who I never would have met, and great family and friends that I would have missed out on. 
This series touched me, made me reflect, made me grateful for all I've survived, and proud of myself for the work I put in to myself to get where I am today, so thank you. I am a big fan now, and will definitely check out your other works! 

PS - Last Love Song by ZZ Ward is one of my favorites, she's amazing! I loved seeing that in your playlist section.

Can you see my tears? I am so honored. Hearing from readers and knowing this story touches you all makes me so grateful. I sincerely hope Jules and West's story continues to bring hope and love to readers. The main goal of this story is to keep those who are facing adversity to remember one thing: 

Keep Going!