Happy Monday! New year, new blog features! I'm dedicating Monday to music! 

  Music plays an important part in creating a story. Who doesn't recognize the two deep notes (E and F) that play when Jaws is lurking? How many of us can name Star Wars or Harry Potter within a few bars?
  When writing, many authors use music as their muse. We set our stories to playlists, we pick characters favorite songs or script love scenes with the help of a melody. Music is key. (see what I did there!) 
  Each week I'm asking authors, bloggers, designers in the writing world to share their musical muses with you. I'm excited to see how music plays a roll in their creative process. I hope you are too.

This week I'm sharing one of my songs...

I listen to music whenever I'm writing. All kinds of music. Sometimes I hear a song and the lyrics or feel of the song completely create a new scene for me. Then other times, I'm listening to something and I'm struck at how perfect it matches up with something I've already done.

Today I'm sharing a song from From The Wreckage. I love my playlist for FTW. There are a lot of angsty, I need you songs on there making it totally fit with Jules and West's story. Here's one...

  Gavin's one of those people who keeps showing up on my playlists. I love his storytelling. I recall ONE line from this song catching me while I was writing FTW  - 'Even if you've been through hell, you're back.'
  As you continue to listen you realize so many of these lyrics fit FTW so amazingly well. I kept hearing 'everything will change' and it inspired Jules. Everything did change for her. 

  What do you think? Does it sound like a FTW song to you? Let me know in the comments and stay tuned for some amazing guest posts each Monday!

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