#MondayMelodies Mindy Hayes

Happy Monday! Welcome the fabulous Mindy Hayes as she shares her musical muse with you...

Like most authors, music plays a HUGE part in my writing process. I can't write without my ear buds in and the music blasting. If I get a good song it can carry an entire book. Grandfather Said by The Ethnographers was on repeat while I wrote my first book, Kaleidoscope. Most people haven't heard of them. Look them up. I love them. Honestly, every song by The Ethnographers inspired something in The Faylinn Novels--from lyrics to the melody to a feel of their songs--they were my Faylinn anthem.  

The song I really wanted to talk about today is Skin by Zola Jesus. I'd been stuck trying to evoke the emotion I needed for a particularly emotional scene in Me After You, where the main character, Sawyer, learns her husband was assaulted and is in critical condition (that might sound like a huge spoiler, but I promise, it's not!). When I heard Skin, I started to cry because the scene instantly began to play in slow motion inside my head. It wasn't so much the lyrics as it was the piano and emotion in the singer's voice. For the next hour I wrote with tears pouring down my cheeks!

Have you read Me After You? Do you remember the flashback? Can you see the scene play out with the song in the background?

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