#TuesdayTease Into The Fire

In case you missed the dancing and shouting over on Facebook this weekend, I finished Into The Fire!! I'm reading through it now and making sure it's perfect, then I'll be sending it over to my editor.

So, some ITF facts:

  • It's a standalone. So NO cliffhangers here! 
  • Although it's based off a character you meet in another series,  you do NOT have to read that first to enjoy this story
  • West and Jules (From The Wreckage series) do make appearances
  • It spans several years so it's considered a young adult/new adult crossover 
  • It's a PG-13 read
  • When complete it will be roughly 90,000 words. That's 20k more than any of the From The Wreckage books
  • This is Dani's story. Her life. Her destination... 

Keep an eye out for the cover and iBooks pre-order links on Thursday 2.19.15
You can add #ITF to your Goodreads TBR list HERE