The one with the beginning of After The Fall

Happy Tuesday, my friends! We're a little over a month away from the release of After The Fall

This New Adult romance is a tad grittier than the previous three From The Wreckage books. My goal for the spin-off character stories (Dani in Into The Fire, Cassie in After The Fall and Jess in Until We Crash-coming 2017) has always been to write 'wrecked' characters who overcome. In After The Fall you most certainly get a wrecked character in Cassie. Can Austin pick up her pieces? Get ready to find out come October! 

 Here's a sneak peek at the beginning of After The Fall . . .

The Ending . . .

I blink, setting off a bomb of excruciating pain. A mirror has exploded within my head; the shards tearing fissures through my brain matter, chasing the lurking shadows from my mind.

“He’s waking up. Tell them he’s waking up.” 

A voice like a gunshot speaks over me. Loud, jolting. I turn away from the noise and a click reverberates, filling my ears, as a searing slice of pain screams up my neck, shooting into my jaw. 

The shadows return, pressing me down, down, down. I gasp

“Hey dude, don’t move.” A weight touches my forehead, holding me in place. “We’ve called 9-1-1. Stay still.” 

My mouth fills with sour bile as I attempt blinking again. My eyes won’t open, not all the way. My vision is reduced to a slit of light. A glowing face. No. A face, lit by the glow of a cell phone and outlined by the night sky. My lips part, but nothing comes out. My tongue is thick, coated with the tang of metal. I swallow. Blood?

“Is that?” A feminine voice joins the deeper one leaning over me. She’s further away, standing maybe? Her gasps audible. “Ray, that’s Austin Rutledge.”

**This is a tease and not the final edit. It is subject to change.**

Every story has a beginning, 
but most of us walk in in the middle . . .

October 4, 2017, on iBooks (Preorder today)
October 13, 2017, everywhere