A little art tease from #AftertheFall

Just a little #TuesdayTease from #AfterTheFall to get you by. It might seem like a simple conversation about art to you, but there's a point (hello, foreshadowing) to this.

“These pieces are so beautiful,” I sigh more to myself, but the student employee nods next to me.
“They are. My grandmother had a cameo brooch. I always loved it. These remind me of her.” 
“How are they made? It’s engraving in stone, right?”
“Engraving and carving. The artist uses chisels and acid, and all sorts of tools. Then they refine the piece and add all the little details. Look at this one for instance—” she leads me toward a plate I’d admired earlier.
It’s blue and white and depicts a woman painting a picture in a Greek setting. On The Terrace by Thomas and George Woodall. 
“See the detail? The buildings in the background at her feet, the canvas she is painting.”
I lean closer to the plate—it’s not much larger than a dinner plate—just skinnier and a bit longer—and she’s right. The Parthenon is in the background of the plate, and there are detailed lines in the landscape portrait the woman is portrayed as painting. “I didn’t notice them,” I breathe, studying the piece closer now.
“Most people don’t. Most people see the beauty on the surface, the obvious, but so often in art the beauty is deeper. You have to take the time to stare, to get to know it, to find it.”

FYI, the piece discussed in the book is actually located on the A&M campus in the Forsyth galleries in the Memorial Student Center - all places mentioned in After the Fall.

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*This is the fourth book in the From The Wreckage series but CAN be read alone. Books 1-3 follow Jules and West. Book 4 (After the Fall) is Austin's story. 

Isn't this gorgeous? Can you see the little details?

Isn't this gorgeous? Can you see the little details?